Chengdu Apis Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd is an specializing in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals company. Technology research personnel for synthesis of cultivating practice, enable us to construct their integration advantages in the field of raw material medicine, intermediate servicethe service of fine chemicals, synthetic outsourcing services business. Chengdu R&D center cooperate with specialists and University, well-known pharmaceutical companies carrying on the original company's technology and products; specification of test base, let our technology and innovation has never stopped. Sincere and trustworthy services and products have been successfully applied in the country more than 30 companies and a number of foreign customers, they are helping to shorten the development time and cost, until success. "Focus on customer needs, honest and trustworthy service" is we jointly uphold the core values, progressive Apis’s  staff will always focus on customer needs and pressures, by leading, with the competitiveness of technology and product solutions, continuous for customers to create maximum value, make the drug synthesis, technical development production more secure, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly!
    Apis lays great emphasis on the customer's demands and regards customer satisfaction as its priority all the time. Furthermore, We look forward to establishing long-term, various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.